HOw we started 

Jeromy & Ewa met on a warm summer day, sweating their butts off working at the fine dining establishment called Ho Wah in Cleveland, Ohio….

Ho Wah -- known for their finest egg foo young and wonton soup -- was the setting one fine summer evening when Jeromy decided to stop in and invite Ewa to his house party. But instead of giving her his phone number like a normal person would, he gave her his house address… and nothing else. To Jeromy’s surprise (because he was drunk and forgot he invited her) Ewa actually showed up (alone, like a weirdo because all of her friends were in relationships at the time). They played several games of beer pong, using foil balls – because Jeromy did not have any ping pong balls and was too lazy / drunk to get any. Jeromy’s then demonstrated value to Ewa (and helped her sober up) by cooking a tasty ramen noodle soup. An exciting 8 months ensued where Ewa hit a fire hydrant with her car, walked into a door and got a bloody nose and generally embarrassed herself a great deal in front of Jeromy. Her weird antics must have been endearing to him because they started dating during March of her freshmen year of college. Ever since, they have been embarrassing themselves and each other all over the world. 

In 2014, they cribbed up together in Columbus, OH and started a fun little blog called Nom Life. This was mainly an outlet for them to show how much they love to eat, how much they love to drink and how they love to celebrate special occasions (with food and drank). Jeromy proposed on a sunny September day in South Haven, MI, after a couple of wine tours and a very strong dirty martini. Since then the couple has been planning their life haphazardly, but having a really good time doing it. Cheers!