Runs on c̶o̶f̶f̶e̶e̶ Boba.

This is a sponsored opportunity in partnership with Nike

Running and I have a long history, and it starts back with my mother. My mom was an incredible runner — one the best in Northeast Ohio. Her trophies covered every inch of our basement and even spilled into the garage. After my brother and I were born, she sat us in a stroller and ran all over Cleveland to lose weight from the pregnancy. Eventually, she went back to running (and winning) marathons. This was even more impressive since she was in her 40’s by then. To say that running with her was daunting is an understatement.

When Nike reached out to try their new Nike Joyride Run Flyknit shoes, I was ecstatic-- my mother had always wanted to work with them. And my old running shoes were a few years old and literally had holes in the toe. Why hadn’t I gotten new ones? Lazy, cheap, frugal…. all of the above?

Running in the Nike Joyride shoes feels like bouncing on foam. I had never run with a shoe like this before. The plastic beads within the sole are just under your foot, and there’s no sock liner in between — just fabric. It feels like a personalized cushion for your foot.

Nike Joyrides make me excited to be active. I did one of my fastest miles in a long time on my first try in these. If you are on the fence about running (or have gone back and forth like I have), these are great shoes to help you go the distance! At the very least, your feet will be wrapped in their own personalized cushions. 

Throughout my youth, I was on and off with running. I would join the track team or a running club for a bit, before feeling overwhelmed. There was always the worry that I would not be able to compare to my mother.  

In undergrad, I started running casually again. However, it wasn’t until moving to NYC two years ago that I really got back into it. With a busy work schedule, it can be hard to make time to be active or get into the mindset of regular exercise. Working from home, cooking, shooting and then devouring everything after made me feel lethargic. This feeling of becoming too sedentary is what really pushed me back into the running.

 Not only does it help me from getting too stir-crazy, it also allows me to eat all of the Nom Life creations without worrying. If I want to have an extra plate or grab a boba tea after dinner, it isn’t just sitting around in there. Basically, I’m running miles to be able to eat extra dumplings.

Since moving to NYC, I re-discovered my passion for running. For my mom, running was a release; a means to set everything aside and to let everything go for a moment. And this is something that she passed down to me. I may not be the fastest or run the longest distances, but I love getting out there and going after it. In that moment, when my mind is clear and focused, I feel the closest to my mother. ♥️